To My World

Musician, Composer and Teacher

Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Richard Schwagerl.

I am a scholarship graduate of USC with a Bachelor of Music Degree....

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Let's Party With Island Voyage / steel drum band

Looking to add some tropical flavor to your next party or event? Look no further than Island Voyage, the premier steel drum band! With our authentic sound ...
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The Right Vibe / the elegant sound of the vibraphone

This unique celestial sound is ideal for any special occasions: Wedding Ceremonies, Cocktail Parties, Banquet Dinners, any Classy Events. Playing all ...

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Teach Yourself How To Play Drums With Our Patented Drumalong Drumset Practice Pad Kit

Let Rhythmic Magic guide you in truly understanding and applying rhythm not only to the drums, but to all instruments.

Simple Principles Of Learning and Studying

These modules are endless pages of knowledge about learning condensed into an easy to read one page summary.

Please join me in sharing the gift of ...

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Solo Piano