Simple Principles Of Learning & Studying (study sheets)

Simple Principles Of Learning & Studying (study sheets)


As teacher for 45 years I have realized 3 most interesting things.

1) Every student can learn.

2) 20% of the students will learn regardless of (you) as the teacher.

3) 80% of students have no clue of HOW TO LEARN!

"I hope our governor can assist you in getting your program in front of teachers throughout the State of California and then the nation, as we are in need of new approaches to learning." - Dr. Chuck Wall “Random Acts Of Kindness”

In an endless world of what to learn we are finally realizing the key is HOW TO LEARN. With the right tools and understanding the 

simple principles of learning; it's a whole new ballgame, decade, millennium. Let learning become Easy, Fun and Rewarding again!

SPOL is a tool. The more you practice it, the sooner the mind begins to use it automatically. Just like any good habit, it's almost effortless. 

These modules are endless pages of knowledge about learning condensed into an easy to read one page summary.

"Let the main object... to seek and to find a method of instruction, by which teachers may teach less, but learners 

learn more." John Amos Comenius

“It is not enough to do your best; you must know what to do, and then do your best.” – Edwards Deming

Please join me in sharing the gift of learning with someone you care about.

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