Ensembles - Time Remembered

Ensembles - Time Remembered

Time Remembered is a blend of energetic, highly evolved performances featuring Richard Schwagerl in four different Ensembles from 1984 to 1996. Lovers of the mallet arts will enjoy Richard's smooth vibes and marimba sounds.


Truly captures a quintesence of acoustic beauty.

Richard Schwagerl - vibraphone, marimba
Terry Burns - electric bass
John Dietz - flute, bass flute
Richard Hastings - guitar
Tony Jones - drums
Recorded 1984


Offers a fresh look at contemporary jazz
with a swinging upbeat collection of firey tunes.

Karl Grossman - guitar

Richard Schwagerl - vibraphone

Gary Ferguson - drums

Kevin O'Neal - bass

Craig Roth - keyboard

Recorded 1996


Named after Mr. Ford's Mastermind Group
a "gathering of creative minds" musically emulates exactly that.

Richard Schwagerl - vibraphone, marimba
Albert Balderas - trumpet
Jeff Craig - electric guitar
Jotty Johnson - clevenger, upright bass
Paul Lines - drums
Recorded 1992


is named after the Greek mythology Lyre player
who enchanted everyone who listened

Richard Schwagerl - vibraphone, marimba

Paul Edwards - chapman stick, vocals

Tony Jones - drums, vocals, synth

Steve Reid - percussion

Recorded 1998

Track Listing:

• The Answered Question - Tony Jones (6:38)

• One in a Million - Richard Schwagerl (6:08)

• Tjaders Walk - Richard Schwagerl (6:08)

• Picture Tube - Karl Grossman (4:27)

• Simulator of a Daydream - Richard Schwagerl (6:30)

• Inner Energy - Richard Schwagerl (5:57)

• Bulgarian Rhythm - Bela Bartok (6:49)

• Whatever - Jotty Johnson (7:39)


California Hello - Richard Schwagerl (6:18)

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